Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Janie & Jack

Janie & Jack

Thank Heaven for little boys. I know, different than the rhyme you remember. But seriously. Visiting stores like Janie & Jack at Northpark is a surefire way for me to remember why having a little girl would make me broke. Literally.

When you are out and about shopping this Holiday season, stop in to Janie & Jack and ask for Miss Victoria. A delightfully warm woman whose sincere love for children radiates from her effortless smile and kind ways, she is more than just a lady peddling fine children's clothing. She is helpful, soft spoken, and simply elegant.

Janie & Jack are the purveyors of children's clothing as they were meant to be; you know, the kind that make your children look the age they are not the age they want to be. And for you parents of little girls, all the more important. Yes, they are pricey, but always have a good sale or sale rack present. And who can resist the perfectly appointed cobalt dress with taffeta underneath? Perfect for twirling. A girl needs the ideal twirling dress, at every age.

So pop in and see what's available and enjoy the quality, craftsmanship, and Miss Victoria who doesn't seem to mind at all if you only buy a pair of tights. Cheers.

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  1. I am always saying I would be broke if I had a girl. Luckily I had a boy and had tons of clothes passed down, from parents with good taste ;)

    One time I found the cutest little outfit from Janie and Jack at a thrift store!!! It is my most prized piece of clothing for my little boy...but only cost 1.99!