Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Holiday Tip #2

Happy Tuesday Housewives! I am confident you have all of your Thanksgiving day shopping complete so you won't have to fight the masses at Central Market or the like. If not, go today, rather than tomorrow. Fierce competitors will be out tomorrow, not to mention a handful of crazies.

Now that we are officially in the holiday swing, I bring you, Happy Holiday Tip #2!

Rather than spend your annual budget on gifts this year, I challenge you to put some real planning and thoughts into your gifts. Two of my favorite places where you don't need a sale but are sometimes lucky enough to discover fabulous clearance items are: MARSHALLS and HOME GOODS. I adore the people who work at Marshalls at Park & Preston but for efficiency purposes, there is also one located caddy corner from Home Goods at Coit & Campbell.

What you can find at Marshalls includes but is not limited to:
- A wide variety of inexpensive childrens' books (titles you've heard of, not some low-budg book no kid wants)
- Yankee & Village brand candles
- Ralph Lauren children's clothing
- Various state appropriate team paraphernalia
- BCBG & Juicy jump suits for you North Dallas mamas
- Polo shirts and sweaters for the gentlemen in your life (*Saves you from hiking up to the outlet in Allen which always seems to be a production)

What you can find at Home Goods includes but is not limited to:
- Wonderful cookware
- Stemware
- A plethora of cookbooks (*Many from my dear friend Ina, or as you may know her the Barefoot Contessa)
- Melissa & Doug children's toys and puzzles
- Seasonal decor
- Great bath linens, especially in the kid department
- Gourmet food items

So, go out there, get excited, and get creative! Rather than just a candle for your friend/acquaintance, get a little color theme going and include thank you notes and a travel size hand lotion to throw in her purse. For your gourmet friend who by "gourmet" means "pick it up at Central Market" get a colorful colander filled with exotic drink mixes, fancy snacks, and fun candy. For your daughter's little friend who is every bit a princess, her own lovely bath towel in her favorite hue with a pretty travel bag filled with lip gloss and nail polish.

Stop by one of those stores and see what you think. I know you'll enjoy it!

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