Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Holiday Tip #1

In t-minus 9 days it begins. Not only do I get to listen to Christmas music all day, everyday (to my heart's content), but I get to do everything I love about the holiday season. And I do LOVE Christmas! All of it! The people, the music, the food, the shopping, the craziness! In planning for my Thanksgiving meal which we are having here at home next week, I thought I would pause and take a minute to outline what I would like to talk about as the festivities begin for December! I will try to include fun holiday recipes, shopping tips, gift giving ideas, and general sanity promoters in the upcoming weeks.

Today we will have Happy Holiday Tip #1! THE MIGHTY LIST

As Black Friday looms in the distance (not too distant, since it's next week), I am happy to report that I too have become a bit addicted to said day. Or said middle of the night really. I grew up with a Mom who was definitely not going out at 3am for any kind of good deal so when my sister and I decided to try it two years ago, it was quite novel. We had NO idea the freakshows we would witness first hand (*best one will be found at Walmart). And now, we are the freakshows! Granted, this year my sister will be in Colorado and I will be here in Texas so we will venture out without our teammate into that dark night.

But this year, I am making some changes. The last two years, I relished in the ads and made somewhat of a list but went more for entertainment value than anything else. This year, I am not even cheating by checking the ads online. I am waiting until they come out in good old fashioned newspaper print to see the deals that await me. I will go, I will shop, I will triumph!

If you are wondering how my Tip #1 will tie into the insanity that is Black Friday, do not worry it's coming. As a reformed full price shopper, the true deals in my book are the ones you were going to buy anyway. Not buying something just because it was on sale. That is just ludicrous. Plan ahead ladies, make your lists now. You never know what you are going to come across and even having just a list of who to buy for is better than no list at all. Spread out that shopping and your bank account and sanity will thank you.

Rather than drag yourself through the retail nightmare Christmas Eve Day, buying whatever is in front of you so that poor gift recipient can return it December 26, take a little time. Your list will help you. Isn't that why we give gifts, to show our love and appreciation? Not the, I love you but could only find this at Walgreens type of gift? Challenge yourself to be an organized, creative, budget conscious, and thoughtful gift giver this year. And the magical list is the foundation of it all friends.

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