Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Whistle while you work

This would be wonderful if I could in fact whistle. I cannot. It's painful to hear me try too apparently. I can also not make the sound of a phone ringing. You know, when you played make believe and the phone would ring, you (and everybody else you knew) would make the ringing sound. I however, was that special friend, who had to say, "ring ring" when my pretend phone was ringing. Ugh.

After that little side trip, the point today is to enjoy yourself. Enjoy the moment, whatever it is. And I mean, enjoy cleaning those plantation shutters one by one, if that is what you are called to do! A happy attitude will always make every task better.

While you are whistling through your housework, consider this as well. A little bit goes a long way. Rather than one dedicated day of house cleaning, YIKES, do a few things daily. You will soon discover your house is always fresher and you never lose 12 hours to cleaning the entire thing. We all know how I love the Clorox wipes and the 10 minute bathroom cleanup, but that philosophy can be used everywhere. Vacuuming is a great example. I vacuum everyday. Not the whole house, but different areas. My 8 year old yellow Labrador, Levity, helps motivate me to stay on top of this. And, not to brag but I've got to, I purchased a Shark Steamer on black Friday and oh the joy it has brought me. So, after I vacuumed the kitchen (I always vacuum rather than sweep with a broom, I mean come on) this morning, I whipped out my Shark and steam cleaned the kitchen in a jiffy! Voila!

Little bits at a time, then nothing is overwhelming. Laundry everyday, dishes never left in the dishwasher, clean clothes put away, 10 minute cleanup one bathroom a day.... you see where I am going with this.

I already feel better, don't you? So get up, find something that needs to be put away or a room to vacuum and smile your way through 2011. We will all be glad you did!

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