Monday, January 17, 2011

Banana Leaf Thai Cuisine

Banana Leaf Thai Cuisine
Dallas, Texas

I am a little afraid to go to Thailand. Have you seen Brokedown Palace?!?! Not that I would be involved with some hot bachelor/drug smuggler who was using my best friend and I to carry narcotics internationally. But still, you can understand the hesitation.

I am not, however, afraid of Thai food. The many delectable flavors of Thai cuisine cannot be fully appreciated by the token item featured on all Chinese takeout menus, pad Thai. To really embrace everything Thai food has to offer, you must embark on a personal quest to find a good Thai restaurant. And Dallas friends, you are in luck! Banana Leaf Thai Cuisine is right here!

Located on Preston Road between Frankford and Campbell, I have not dined in the restaurant but had delicious delivery this week. My oh my, what a treat! The staff on the phone was friendly as was the delivery person, the food was hot, plentiful, and DELICIOUS! So, step out of yourself and try something new, something local, yet exotic. You will be glad you did!

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