Friday, January 14, 2011

Magic Eraser

Have you met Mr Magic Eraser? If not, let me introduce you: Mr Magic Eraser this is Miss Housewife, Miss Housewife this is Mr Magic Eraser. Please go buy this product if you haven't already. It is almost as good of friend to me as my Clorox wipes and I am beyond THRILLED to tell you my most recent discovery using it. THE KITCHEN SINK.

That's right and what will really shock you is how much dirt it gets out of what you may think is a clean kitchen sink. Side note: I have a stainless steel sink and have not tried this on any other kind. So wipe the entire sink down and then dry with a soft flour towel. Shiny & Clean! Woo hoo!
Mr Magic Eraser will also clean any scuff marks on your walls, floors, or bathtubs.

WARNING: Do not let your little ones handle this fabulous object. The chemicals in it may harm their skin.

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