Sunday, January 23, 2011

Girlfriend Hygiene

How do I put this delicately? If you lost 5lbs yesterday because you finally shaved your legs, we have a problem. Ladies I understand that time is of the essence. Especially if you have small children. But, back in the singleton days, I bet you shaved your legs every day. EVERY day. Maybe skip a day during the winter, but you get my drift.

The important point here is another thing we wives let go by the wayside post-marriage and definitely post-children, ourselves. When you were his girlfriend, you were sportin' your A game. Why not do that now? If part of your A game involves shaving your legs daily, go ahead and bring that back. He will appreciate it, I swear. Men may be different in what they find sexy with regard to their Mrs, but all men prefer softly smooth shaven legs. You are working so hard at the gym to keep those legs looking fab, show em off with a little razor action too.

I am spoiled, I have mentioned this once or twice, because my husband is a team player. He helps with everything family and home related and with a smile on his face. So I like to spoil him, it's part of the fun trade of marriage. And if shaving our legs is spoiling them, don't you think we have it easy? Grab that razor and throw some glam on those gams.

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