Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pam Spray = Kia then Bak-klene ZT = Porsche

Mr G has taught me many ways to save a buck. There are a plethora of products out there where the less expensive option is just as good as the pricier one. That being said, there are items which may cost more but for good reason. Meet BAK-KLENE ZT. Available at Williams-Sonoma, a happy happy place with an abundance of over priced goods, I was introduced to this cooking spray because of some faulty Star Wars pancake molds. If you use Pam or another non-stick spray currently, get yourself some BAK-KLENE ZT instead. It's professional grade, whatever that means. Could mean Martha Stewart uses it or it could mean that Hostess uses it on the assembly line putting together those scary Twinkies. Either way, you need it. This morning I made a coffee cake in a bunt pan where the recipe called for buttering and flouring the pan. Being the great risk taker I am, I did neither and sprayed that puppy down with BAK-KLENE ZT. I am crazy like that. This coffee cake fell perfectly from pan to plate, a dream come true. Thanks BAK-KLENE ZT! (You think they'll ask me to do an infomercial?)


  1. you can get it cheaper on bake cleans website

  2. or try going to a local bakery see if they will order some for you i use it for a living i'am a professional baker it works it is designed for professional bakeries that bake a lot of product at a time