Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Quick Fix #1

The house is in disarray. Constantly. How can I have Legos in the dining room and the laundry room? Is there any logic to this?

If you find yourself wondering these things, fear not. I have a simple fix which takes all of three minutes to do everyday and will help your house look and feel less chaotic. Can you give me three minutes? Fantastic!


Shocking, I know. If you are not a bed maker, please please become one. It will do wonders for the neatness of your home. If you are one of these, "I just get back in it at night and this makes no sense" kinds of gals, you probably won't find many things on my blog helpful. Good luck. But, if you can do this right after you roll out of bed and teach your children to do the same, your home will feel tidier instantly.

Then, at the end of the day, when you wonder where the many minutes you were given disappeared to, it will feel almost indulgent slipping into a made bed. And oh heavens, if you've washed the sheets that day, it's like a damn vacation. Sweet dreams (get your rest, you have beds to make in the morning!).

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