Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My lawn man can beat up your lawn man

Pedro Guerrero

Living in Dallas is a bit like living with full time concierge. One of the beautiful/scary things about living here is that few people do anything for themselves. And that goes for mowing your own lawn. The house we bought had a lawn man but, being renaissance folks, we mow our own lawn. This past Spring we needed some large items removed from the landscaping in our backyard and my hubby was too busy (thank you God) with work to do it himself. So... one sunny Thursday I looked outside and the gentleman who used to take care of our yard for the previous owner was doing the other lawns on our street. All hail Pedro!

The reason I am putting Pedro's information on the blog is because he is one of the most honest and hardworking people I have been fortunate enough to meet. His work is impeccable, he is always punctual, and second to my husband, may be the hardest working man! Please give him a call if you are in need of any sort of lawn service. Whether it's regular maintenance, big projects, or tree trimming, Pedro is your man. This is a prime example of spending money with a company that earns it and values your business! Don't waste time with mediocre service anymore Dallas friends, call today!

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