Monday, October 4, 2010

Floors & Stain Remover (Why Not?)

A short but important housekeeping note. Two things I love that help me be a housekeeping diva:

1. Oreck Vacuum

If you are tidy, if you have a dog, if you have children, heck if you take any pride in your house at all, you are probably loyal to your vacuum. This relationship parallels car branding in many ways. And in my house, we are Oreck people. It all started with the cleanest person I have ever met, ever. My parents' housekeeper (circa 1998 - 2006ish) would kick any other housekeeper in a clean off. I would bet my children on this. The house we lived in when she started with us was a bit larger than average and the woman cleaned all the cherry hardwood floors and slate floors BY HAND. I'm talking on her hands and knees. And she was in her mid-50s. Along with that kind of commitment to clean comes a certain eclectic personality. She introduced us to the Oreck. Based on what you already know about her, wouldn't you buy one too? She turned us onto them because they weigh 8 lbs and do an incredible job, bar none. So, you Dyson folks who swear by yours (even though that guy with the freaky accent is the spokesperson/inventor) must love to workout your arms when you lug that 50lb thing around your house. For those of you in the vacuum market, do your homework. And by that, I mean read this. And buy an Oreck. You will not regret it. EVER.

2. Spray'n'Wash with Resolve (*Inspired to write about this by WW, thanks girl.)

Sometimes a girl gets lucky. Sometimes it's like shooting fish in a barrel when you pick out a new cleaning product because they are all the same. But sometimes, finding what you need is harder than listening to native Texans speak Spanish. No offense guys. There are a multitude of prewash stain removers but I am developing a strong fondness for Spray'n'Wash with Resolve. It works, it smells nice, and it's not the priciest one on the shelf. Done and done.

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