Monday, October 11, 2010

Another lost art, apparently.

Where I grew up in Colorado there were two choices for grocery shopping. Just two. Both were statewide companies, even nationwide under parent names at that point, and maybe a mom & pop joint here and there. Being that my mom is one of the great American housewives, I have many memories of going grocery shopping. Things I don't remember about those trips are having trouble finding a time when somebody would sack our groceries for us or being able to consistently find good produce that didn't break the bank.

We have fallen on sad times. I live smack dab next to a Tom Thumb. I mean, I could walk there if I lived in a place where people did such things. Amazingly enough, in the three years we've lived here, the staff there has been the same which is saying something. Their day time produce staff is beyond friendly and genuinely so. The store manager must never go home because he is always there as all. All fine and dandy.

What's NOT fine and dandy people is the following. No matter what time of day or night, it is near impossible to get somebody to sack your groceries for you. The self checkout thing is not the best when shopping with two children and $150 worth of groceries which automatically exempts you from the express line. The only other one open. (*Note: the express line is always operated by a woman who was definitely alive when God was a boy, no kidding.)

Before you have an opportunity to sack your own stuff, please be leery of the produce department at this Tom Thumb. Don't let the nice staff distract you from your goal! I have a little tally going and the last THIRTEEN times I was in this store for produce at least TWO different produce sections had moldy items in them. I mentioned it, very discreetly, to my least favorite produce gal (the guys there are much friendlier) and she just said, "OK". Not thank you, not sorry, nothing! She didn't care because at the end of her shift, she gets to clock out, and take home a paycheck every two weeks. No ownership! Ok, I feel better.

I want to be able to run into Tom Thumb for last minute items and whimsical recipe ingredients that I hadn't planned on. They have lost my regular business at this location forever. It will be an emergency if I go there. Unfortunately the one stop shopping thing is not happening for me. I now visit Target for some items and then a separate trip to Central Market for others. Ugh. So Mr Tom Thumb, while I want to give you my business, you have made it perfectly clear you do not want it. So hello vinegar category for you. Spend your money wisely ladies, eventually if we all do, they'll catch on.

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