Friday, October 8, 2010

The Overbooker

Do you know her? Have you seen this woman running wildly through the streets? Or perhaps driving madly in her over sized SUV with a venti Starbucks in one hand, a Diet Coke in the other, cell phone on speaker, and wait! Who is driving!?!?!

Yesterday, I confess, I was this woman. A brief synopsis of my day: up at 5am after a fitful night with the 1 year old teether who also has a runny nose; breakfast & lunch made; laundry started; 5 year old to school at 7:30am; back home to play date at 8:30am at our house; 1 year old down for what would be a brief 45 minute nap at 10am; at 10:45am fed said 1 year old; off to play group and lunch with friends at 11:30am; stopping on the way at Sephora to spend birthday gift certificate on Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer (*which I love but was hoping to get something non-essential with the gift card); play, eat, and then leave fun friends at 1:30pm; stop at home to refill milk, water, & snacks for 1 year old; pickup 5 year old early from school at 2:15pm; head to new pediatric dentist for appointment at 3pm (*got there early so they got us in early!); 3:20pm stop at ChickFilA for treat for 5 year old for rocking his first teeth cleaning and being a superstar; drive North to arrive home at 4pm; 1 year old asleep in car so attempt transfer to crib which works shockingly enough and he sleeps until 5pm; 5:30pm feed children dinner; 6pm both boys in bath; exhausted husband returns home at 6:30pm; feed husband green chile - which thank god he loves because I never got to make the dinner planned - again at 7:00pm; head to the grocery by myself at 7:20pm where I was super frustrated by staff and poor produce (*must enter later); 8:20pm home to two sleeping children put to bed by amazing husband and realize I didn't eat dinner. Bed please!

I know it's a long and detailed confession. But I want you to know, that it happened and it was completely my fault. I am beyond lucky that my husband is so understanding and so helpful with our boys. I could never survive without him! The moral of my story is try to avoid doing this. It's you and your family who suffer in the end. An overbooked housewife is an unhappy housewife, and a tired one at that.

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