Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Photo Affections

Hello new friend, I love you. There are literally a plethora (great word) of online sources for invitations and the like. I am a little obsessed with them because they always have such fabulous looking things like invitations, stationary, etc. I love how my boys pictures look on these genius creative peoples' creations. A new recent online crush is www.photoaffections.com . Searching for Max's 2nd birthday invitations I selected them based on selection and price. I cannot tell you how impressed I was with the RAPID turnaround time on the invitations. CRAZY fast, crazy. Now, being that I am awesome and would never make a mistake, it came as quite a shock to me when the darling invitations arrived with the date printed as SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 11th. If you aren't already laughing, you soon will be since there is no such date, at least not this year. The party is of course on SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 11th. Now shocked as I was with this mistake I MADE, I put a note in the invite and sent them away to little friends. I received an email from Photo Affections asking me to take a survey to receive a discount on a future order, I love me a discount, and filled it out. Everything about the order was wonderful but I did note that due to my mistake the date was wrong. Not their mistake, MINE. Within a couple of hours, I had an email from some fabulous person at Photo Affections offering me a reprint at 50% off! And I made the mistake! I let this kind gentleman know that I had already mailed the invites but sincerely appreciated the gesture! Customer service awesomeness people! With the holidays coming, swing on by www.photoaffections.com and see what they have to offer. And check your dates.

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