Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Steinmart; I should know better

Belt Line Rd & Preston

Before you judge me for even going into Steinmart, know that I like to find fabulous gifts at random places. Not that that excuses it, but just so you know.

It makes me sad to write my first "Vinegar" entry. I don't know why. I know there is poor customer service out there, but I'm always hoping for the best, thinking each day is a new day in the world of the gracious consumer. Long story short, I went to Steinmart with my five year old to find a dear friend a birthday gift. My five year old is an excellent shopping companion and since my hubby was home, we left his one year old brother with Dad! Quality time just the two of us, jamming out to his play list in the car, in search of a fab gift for my friend.

Steinmart was the third place we went into and even though it was Friday afternoon, it wasn't that busy. Despite not being greeted at the door, which didn't surprise me, I had high hopes of finding something. Through the women's department we were completely ignored but one sales associate, then another in accessories, and by the time we got to the home department I was done. My guy was being a champ, staying right by me and using his best manners. Then in a tight spot in the home department, an associate squeezed by us and we BOTH said "excuse me" and she said NOTHING!!! As much as I wanted to, I said nothing. I told my son, in a louder voice, that he had excellent manners and isn't it sad that not everyone does?

I did find the gift and even though I didn't want to give them any money, we were short on time. So, I paid the checkout gal, who was friendly enough, and left. It has really bothered me all weekend but I figure this was the best I could do. Put it out there so none of you give them your hard earned money. And if you're thinking, Austin, I don't EVER shop at Steinmart, then you were right all along.

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