Monday, September 20, 2010

Clorox Wipes & You

Go ahead, buy that heart necklace that splits in two. One half will have the letters "Be Fri" and the other will have the letters "st ends". Its for you and the Clorox wipes. These are an essential tool in running the oh-so-easy to keep clean household and every gal should keep them around. If we were having a powder room timed cleaning competition, these handy wipes would get you to the gold medal round everytime. For my "green" friends, they do in fact make a "green" version that is earth friendly.

Little daily tip, wipe down one bathroom in your home everyday. 10 minutes equals crowd friendly bathrooms at all times. Start with the commode and wipe down the entire thing, including the base where some smaller friends tend to hit if aim is off. Then hit the vanity; sink, counter, and all. Some Clorox wipes have minimal streaking so you technically could use them on the mirror as well, but I'm a little old school and stick with the Windex. There you have it, zip zip. Commode and vanity spick and span. Run the vaccuum over the floor (even if it's tile) and you're in business. If it happens to be a full bath and not a half bath, we will address tubs and showers soon. I know you'll be waiting with bated breath.

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