Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Laundry Fairy

Did you go to bed last night dreaming of the Laundry Fairy and wake up to find she had not come? Shoot! Well, don't tell anyone, especially the kids, but surprise! You ARE the Laundry Fairy. If I can promise you more time out of the laundry room than in it, will try what I am about to suggest? Great, thanks so much for agreeing so readily! Here it is: LAUNDRY EVERY DAY. Are you there? Did you hang up?

The laundry system at our house consists of a simple little routine called "daily". Every morning before my boys get up, I have laundry going. By 10am, my laundry is done. D-O-N-E. That's washed, dried, and most importantly, PUT AWAY. I have only two children but my Grandmother, who has ELEVEN, did it this way and still does. Get it going right away and it won't eat up your entire day! A little rhyme and I didn't even mean to.

You will be a much happier housewife with a truly ecstatic husband (just watch) when there are not piles of clothes to wash and piles more to fold and put away. Enlist your little helpers to nicely put away their clean clothes. My five year old is fully capable of putting away all of his laundry that does not require hanging.

As far as linens are concerned, I believe sheets need to be done once a week and towels twice a week. Those could be completed on designated days though so if the designated day thing is what you're used to now, this will help you transition out of that. Ha! In terms of laundry products, I am OBSESSED with the Method laundry detergent from Target. It smells like Heaven, requires only 4-6 pumps depending on how dirty your dirtiest items are, and the bottle is the size of a shampoo bottle! Yay environment!

So, instead of wishin and hopin' for the Laundry Fairy tonight, go throw a load in right now and fold that pile of clean ones that won't be considered clean for much longer if they just sit there. Good work!

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