Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dollar Tree

The Dollar Tree
15th & Alma
Plano, TX

I grew up thinking that the dollar store was a pre-teen haven full of off-brand items that nobody needed. And to some degree, I was right. But, now, out here in the open, I am admitting to purchasing a number of random items at The Dollar Tree.

First I would like to say that there is in fact a difference in the dollar store location/chain you chose to visit. The store located just North of the shady Collin Creek Mall is both clean and tidy. My recent venture to said store was for writing notebooks for my Kindergartner which run between $4-6 at Target or Walmart. But of course, at The Dollar Tree, guess what!?! ONE DOLLAR! I was tempted by all of the fun Halloween items but remained focus and only strayed long enough to purchase an EXTREMELY cold Diet Coke (FANTASTICO).

Second, it was shockingly uplifting to find a cheery checkout lady! Not only was she nice, but she apologized for the rude customer ahead of me. The customer decided after she had been rung up to go get one more item from the back of the store and had the audacity (and good public relation skills) to not apologize to those waiting in line behind her. Sheer awesomeness from that customer.

Needless to say friends, if you have to run into The Dollar Tree for the odd good deal, visit the one in Plano. Good customer service, clean store, and not a bad way to spend a buck!

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