Saturday, May 15, 2010

BuyBuy Baby

BuyBuy Baby
Alpha & North Dallas Tollway

When you suffer through places like Babies'R'Us because nobody else offers the multitude of square feet of bottle, stroller, and baby gear options, having people actually help you at BuyBuy Baby is almost unnerving. And even though, initially, you wonder, why is this person so helpful? Is there a secret camera somewhere? Then you relax comfortably into the realization that BuyBuy Baby has upped the ante on the baby retail world and actually appreciates their customers! Customer Service Crazy happy place!!! We went in search of a new stroller/pack mule today and our new buddy, Joseph, spent 30 minutes with us in a department that had many other shoppers who were clearly 1st time expectant parents willing to drop a heck of a lot more cash down than we were! But his knowledge and attentiveness is what the rest of you Customer Service Crazies will adore and this is how every experience at BuyBuy Baby has been for us! So avoid the other store mentioned earlier and give your money to people who don't ignore you when you come in or act annoyed when you ask a question. Customer Service Crazy endorsed, Customer Service Crazy approved.

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