Friday, December 2, 2011

Jump Start

You know me by now. At least a little if not way TOO much. I like to check things off of my list, I like to work hard, and I am a perfectionist. With faults. Many. You also know I spend most of my time in the low-carb world. Always working, trying, losing, gaining, to be the best version of myself. Whatever that may mean.

As of today, I am embarking on what I know will be a great adventure to propel me towards old goals, new goals, and wonderful wonderful things! Half way to the infamous "goal weight" I was introduced to a Challenge I am now sharing with you. Consider it my ultimate accountability tool. You! My fabulous (and very lean) husband is also doing the Challenge with different goals, but committed to it none the less.

My plan is to share it by writing to you. In all of your fabulousness, you now get to read the daily doings of this adventure. I will continue to cook, clean, scrutinize customer service, and improve my wifely-self but all while going forward with gusto on my 90 Day Challenge. Thanks for being my accountability, even though you didn't know you agreed to it.

I will also update the site:

Cheers friends and supporters, rest assured wine will be included on this journey!

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  1. Get after it Austin! Congratulations on your commitment!