Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Spoiled Wife

It's not so much a recipe as a position I have. Or that I take. Either way. I have mentioned on more than one occasion how wonderful my husband is. As a father, as a friend, as well, everything. I often feel I am the short-end of the stick member of our team because the man literally NEVER complains about anything. He is the hardest working person I know, that many know, and is always going the extra mile.

So many times, it is I who receive the weekends away, the special presents, or extra TLC. And I have to ask myself, while I am in a fact a "spoiled wife", how do I make sure that he is a "spoiled husband"? Approaching our ninth wedding anniversary this February, I think I am much better at marriage now versus then. In my opinion, every successful team or partnership must have people who play their position well but also have overlap to avoid any shortcomings. My position has changed over the years as we have had our boys and I have become the "domestic engineer" (Thanks "Benny & Joon"). So has his. But one thing we both try to do is make the other's life easier.

That's where this position of mine comes in. For me to spoil him it's pretty easy, men are simple. It's the basic three which make him run at his optimum levels: clean house, good food, and some lovin. Now don't go getting crazy on me you gender equality proponents. You would be hard pressed to find ANY person, male or female, who wouldn't like to come home from work (outside the home) to a clean house/laundry, a satisfying meal, and some smooches. It's not about being husband & wife or bacon-earner & bacon-spender, it's about playing our positions. I am (95% of the time) happy to do what needs to be done with our children and our home because my husband is (99% of the time) engaged and thoughtful when he is home with us. That's our team.

So if spoiling your partner means fried chicken once a week and college football on Saturday afternoons then by all means take care of it. Let's put a little less "me time" in our marriage equations and little more "team effort" and see if we all don't come out on top? wink.wink.


  1. great post :) i like the way you remind me how spoiling doesnt have to be a pain in the butt or break the bank but can just be a general "care" or handing over the remote :)


  2. Preach it sister! Love your posts, Austin!