Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Mansion

15 minutes from home but a world away.

Being spoiled by a husband who works so tirelessly and is such a true partner in marriage and parenting almost makes one feel guilty about gifts and surprises. Almost. Now when a surprise is a night away with a girlfriend, how can you even begin to repay such generosity? We will leave that response to another post entirely. This is a time to focus on the surprise, the gift, the amazing night away. If you have not had the sheer pleasure of staying at THE MANSION ON TURTLE CREEK, please take notice. To appreciate its elegance, you must immerse yourself in it. Do not assume it is out of reach (keep reading, you know you want to).

There are a plethora of hotels throughout the world claiming to be luxury. If you've visited any, you know that while the rooms, and sometimes the property in its entirety, are blase and predictable, a truly luxurious hotel sets itself apart through amenities and service. Two things The Mansion knows a lot about. From the moment you arrive, little details hint to a wondrous world of well, fabulous. Bakery cookies, fresh peaches, and iced hazelnut lattes while checking in; a surprise knock on the door with chocolate covered strawberries and herbal iced tea brought to the room to celebrate your birthday; sincere smiles and genuine interest from the staff tell you that not only are you somewhere special, but the team at The Mansion thinks YOU are special. That's their job.

If, as a housewife, you've ever been given the second class-standard room booked-no husband with you type of brush off from high end establishments, you will be refreshed to know such ridiculousness does not exist at The Mansion. My girlfriend (who happens to be 8 months pregnant) and I were treated as if we had reserved the Presidential Suite and at any moment our famous high rolling husbands (only in our own minds) would be arriving as well.

So, if you are lucky enough to have a Happy Husband who spoils you as I do, don't forget to look these people up for a special occasion. Even if it's a Wednesday and you just need to create a special occasion. Call The Mansion and speak to their in house reservations department. It's like they've been waiting for you to call all day and with the affordable packages they have available, you will wish you had called earlier.

My job as a housewife is only glorified and appreciated by the people I do it for, my husband and my children. With a night away like this, I am rejuvenated and refreshed to spoil my boys every day of the week.

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