Sunday, July 10, 2011

The A Team

Keep it simple, keep it consistent. Just like I tell my oldest son, if you keep practicing it will eventually become habit. Same goes for us as adults. Maybe you feel like your house will always be in disarray. Maybe the cleanest your house ever is is the day before the "keepers" come. Thanks WW! I tell my housewife friends, one thing at a time.

And one "thing" in my book of secrets, is a core group of A Team cleaning supplies. A list of items I always have on hand, which are tried and true in keeping my world shiny. Now your list should be personalized to you and your needs; if you don't like the product what are the chances you're going to use it?! So, here's my list...

  • METHOD All Purpose Spray: Kitchen use mainly, highchair, granite, stainless steel, you name it! The bottle says if the surface can be cleaned with water, this spray is safe! Gentle!

  • CLOROX Wipes: Bathrooms, doorknobs, light switches, etc. I've talked about my love affair with these babies before but seriously. Everyone needs these. Wipe down a bathroom in less than ten minutes and don't forget those scary-germy door handles and light switches!

  • METHOD Le Scrub: Bathrooms. So safe and non-toxic, I just take this fabulous-spa-smelling scrub in the shower with me and clean after I shower. A warm shower/tub area is the key to speedy and effective cleaning. You can throw a little on counter tops too but I wouldn't use it on granite or marble.

  • WINDEX: Mirrors, etc. Pretty self explanatory friends. Nobody wants to look at their own gorgeousness with somebody else's toothpaste spit spots on the mirror.

  • ORECK Vacuum: It weighs 8lbs people! Come on! Why don't you own one? If they use it at the Four Seasons then it's good enough for me. I vacuum all floors, no matter the type. If you don't have the time to mop or steam the hard surface floors, run your vacuum it's fast. I vacuum every other day at least.

Like I mentioned, your A Team is your A Team. Not mine. But find things that make your routine easier. You'll do it more. Try to clean one thing every day this week. Even if you only wipe down one toilet to start for your first day. You'll be amazed at how it becomes simple to keep it up. Cheers!

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