Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tiny Prints

It's a big, big internet ordering world out there folks. And with a multitude of fine paper companies making their debuts, I have to take a moment and recognize a true gem. WWW.TINYPRINTS.COM is not only the purveyor of lovely holiday cards and shower invitations, but also a unique pioneer in the art of divine customer service and attention

I have ordered a number of items from Tiny Prints but most recently our Christmas card. Their website is darling, easy to use, and the finished product makes you feel like Martha's sister, only younger, cooler, and without the felony. I had planned on mentioning them to you with all of the holiday shopping you have yet to do (no, not you), but yesterdays happenings made me so compelled to do it, I am up at 1am.

Yesterday I received an email from Tiny Prints Co-Founder, Ed Han. Don't be too impressed, it was a mass email thanking everyone, but what caught my eye was Mr Han including his personal email address and asking his customers to contact him directly with anything at all! And you wouldn't expect any less of me than to do just that! I sent him a message thanking him and his team and making sure he knew how PLEASED I was with them. (*We are all quick to complain, but how often have you called the 1-800 number or asked for a manager to COMPLIMENT?) Most impressive of all was Mr Han's response, within hours:

Hi Austin,

Thank you for this wonderful note, and for being such a wonderful customer. I can't thank you enough for this kind of feedback, we live for them and makes our hard work around customer service and shopping experience more than worthwhile. And your offer to post something on the blog, WOW thank you again so much.

Have a wonderful holiday season!



So ladies, our lesson is there are indeed companies who value you and your business today. Take the time to spend your hard earned dollars with them! (Not the smug retailers who ignore you when you enter their place of business. IE: JCrew - The Shops at WillowBend) Tiny Prints is an online company with quality products AND quality people!

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  1. I ordered my Christmas cards from them as well and I have received so many compliments on them and the quality of the card. PLUS they shipped them out so fast! I will order from them again! Fantastic online card company!
    xoxox H