Monday, December 6, 2010

South Austin, TX

There is literally a cornucopia of restaurants worth visiting in Austin. An eclectic mix of local, international, and down right fun places to dine around every corner! Living in Dallas I always tell people that if you love to eat and shop, this is the place for you. Austin seems to share that but at the same time, seems a world away from the posh world of Big D.

We spent the weekend in Austin with some dear friends celebrating my hubby's birthday and our friend Karin's birthday as well. They have an 8 month old, so with our 5 and 1 year old children in tow, we knew we needed to eat early, and eat fast! Polvo came recommended via a Dallas friend and confirmed by some of our Austin friends' acquaintances.

Pulling into the restaurant, we were delighted to see a relaxed and energetic atmosphere. Lots of different people all having a good time enjoying the beautiful 80 degree (in December) temperatures. Opting to sit inside (in case it got cold the hostess warned) for high chair functionality purposes, there were a handful of tables, lots of Christmas lights, and a high volume music mix to drown out any unruly young patrons. And kids too. The waiter was great, food was hot, and margarita wonderful. It's a help yourself salsa situation which is fun but everything else is standard table service. More than your run-of-the-mill sour cream enchilada and fajita place, the menu had many tasty options and everyone at our table left full and happy!

So, if you're in Austin, head over to Polvos. It's local, it's lively, it's legit. Cheers!

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