Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bart Forbes

Happy 2012!

As you can gather from my absence, joining and promoting the 90 Day challenge has become almost a full time existence! What an amazing adventure!

While seeing what positive thinking and action can do for so many people, I could not put off any longer sharing with you a wonderful, wonderful man. We were fortunate enough to meet Bart Forbes, , through his incredible daughter. What we quickly learned about Mr Forbes is that while warm, humble, and simply fantastic in his everyday life, he is a world renowned artist!!! What?!? In our very own backyard even.

We decided that the best gift my hubby and I could give each other was a painting of our boys by Mr Forbes. Not only did he deliver, the piece he created captures the very essence of our sons and thus, our hearts. YOU MUST CONTACT HIM! With Fathers Day, Mothers Day, and there's always Holiday Season 2012 to never be too ready for, it will be the gift of a lifetime.

Inquire with Mr Forbes about a custom painting for your family; while you have the honor of working with a world renowned artist who happens to also be local (double bonus), the piece he creates will forever be in your home and hearts, just as Mr Forbes is in both of ours.

Bart Forbes

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