Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Elizabeth Starrs

Starrs Mihm LLP
Trial Lawyers

A trial lawyer seems an odd choice for the honey category, but lets not generalize! After all, I'm a car salesperson at heart.

Should you ever need a trial attorney in Colorado, and I hope you never do, Elizabeth Starrs is your gal. Not only is Liz wicked smart, eloquent, and the winner of numerous accolades in her field, she is personable beyond belief. Hiring a trial attorney comes with the financial and emotional duress involved with such matters. Working with Liz will make it so much easier. A wonderful advisor, she is trustworthy and knowledgeable allowing her to work with her clients rather than simply "for" her clients.

So, if something comes up in your world requiring such services, contact ELIZABETH STARRS in Denver. Taking trial law to the platinum level of customer service is what she is all about!!

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